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Investigate and report on an explosion within an incinerator furnace:


Survey damage and determine reasons for the failure.


Incineration Plant Condition Assessments and Annual Test Supervision:


Undertake a full plant condition survey and assess the operation of two incinerators prior to annual emissions testing. Identify and supervise rectification of faults, pre-test the plant and provide training and supervision of operation during testing to ensure a test pass and continuing good performance.


Conceptual Design and Supervision of Commissioning of a 4 tph Rotary Kiln Incinerator: 


Package of design calculations to define primary and secondary furnace sizes, heat and mass balance and control system functional specification to allow detail design by others. 3D modelling and subsequent CFD proving study to determine gas residence time compliance with IPPC and WID standards. Provide supervision of operation during the initial period of commissioning and adjustment of the plant.


Design of a 500kg per hour development pyrolysis plant for biomass and waste:


Complete engineering design for mechanical and furnace parts, high temperature alloy retort, feed and extraction systems for solid fuel, gas and char, wet gas cleaning unit, complete control system and PLC program. The system was designed entirely in 3D using Alibre Design software. In trials a high CV, low hydrogen content gas suitable for reciprocating engines was produced from various biomass materials including woodchip, miscanthus, MSW residual fuel and tyre crumb.


Co-Firing trials with mixed sawdust and coal in a conventional power station:


Independent audit of coal / biomass co-firing trials at a major UK coal fired power station. Site supervision of operation during the trial, attendance at review meetings and provision of technical commentary and advice as required.


Detailed design of a waste fired power plant based on 3 stage pyrolysis, gasification and combustion:


Undertake detailed design calculations and material selection for the refractory linings in a series of ducts and process furnaces. Determine the optimum shape and layout of the system, make stress and heat flow calculations and produce a practical design scheme.


Expert witness in a case involving design shortcomings on heat treatment furnaces:  


Report on design and performance shortcomings on a series of large oil and gas fired heat treatment furnaces installed as part of a new build steel mill in Egypt. Provide expert technical resources to the client and the client’s legal team supervise and observe testing on site. Cases settled in client’s favour.


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